Gas Mains and Service Installs

UPUK are an experienced utility expert working across the UK to provide trusted gas mains and service installations.

We know the importance of a smooth and timely gas installation which enables UPUK to offer service benefits to you, our client, whilst minimising disruption.

As new gas connection and utility services in the UK areregulated by strict safety measures, we are committed to ensuring that these measures are diligently followed when supply systems are being installed.

We understand that the safe yet quick disconnection of existing gas infrastructures is crucial to the schedule of your wider project. As a result, we make safe and efficient disconnections our primary objective.

Our range of services include

• New gas service and mains connections
• Disconnecting existing gas services and mains
• Relocating or altering existing gas services
• Diverting any existing service or mains
• New large diameter gas connections
• Gas supply contracts